Linda MacKewn

Linda was born and raised on the outskirts of New Liskeard , Ontario , where she enjoyed an atmosphere of country living.  Nature continues to be an inspiration to Linda and an important theme in much of her work.

Linda devoted hew earlier years to parenting and although primarily self taught, she studied with Bruce St. Clair in North Bay and has entered local competitions, won regional awards, and received honourable mentions.

Her work has taken her to Australia , Greece , Singapore , and more recently, Temagami, where she is the owner, and artist in residence, of Temagami Life Outfitters.  The store offers other area Artists and Craftspeople a venue for their work and provides a wide range of Arts, Crafts, Antiques, Collectibles, Useful Northern Supplies, & Natural Products for visitors and local residents alike.

Linda continues to find endless subjects for her bold designs in the wildlife and scenery found around her Studio on an island on Lake Temagami .

Linda MacKewn
Tel : (705) 569-4141
Website :

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