Crossing the waters of Lake TemagamiFor the more adventurous campers who want to leave civilization behind, the Temagami region contains over 8,000 square kilometers of interconnecting canoe routes.  Hundreds of rock and pine clad lakes, adjoining wetlands, and wild rivers provide breathtaking scenery and a wide diversity of wildlife.  The unique and varied features of the Temagami area have been recognized in the establishment of several waterway and wilderness provincial parks, and continues to be a favourite area for canoe tripping.  The area's famous old growth pine stands can be enjoyed during your vacation in the wilderness.  

A quiet morning paddleThese parks include the Lady Evelyn - Smoothwater Wilderness Park, containing scenic look-outs at Maple Mountain, and Ontario's highest point, the Ishpatina Ridge (693 meters or 2, 275 feet).  Other popular points include the clear blue waters of Smoothwater and Sunnywater Lakes, numerous hiking trails, and several scenic waterfalls.  Obabika River Waterway Park extends southwest along Lady Evelyn Lake, Diamond Lake, and the Obabika River.  Known as "Big Pine Country", this area boasts pristine lakes lined with magnificent old pine.  The Obabika River contains wetland The dreaded war canoe! communities that are famous with nature photographers for moose observation, while the Wakimika Triangle is noted for its old growth pine stands and hiking trails.  Running to the northwest is the Sturgeon River Waterway Park with over 60 sets of rapids providing early season whitewater fun!  Completing the loop back to Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Park is the Solace Waterway Park with its classic flatwater paddling through pristine lakes.  Over 20 canoe routes are well documented in the map "Temagami Canoe Routes", the best guide to your canoeing vacation.

Resting at a campsite.Any trip into the wilderness should be well planned and within your level of skill.  Guides and outfitting services are listed in the accommodations directory.  No-trace camping and conservation of land and water are practiced and encouraged in Temagami.  Lake Temagami supports a large number of campsites that can be used by canoeists during their travels.  Some of these have privy boxes, which should be used when available.  Packing out what you bring in is highly encouraged.  By eliminating waste left behind and leaving a small footprint, we can ensure the use of these routes for future generations to come and experience a Temagami vacation.

If you are planning a canoeing vacation, one of our local outfitters would be happy to give you their expertise and set you up for an adventure on a travel route that will match your skill. Don't forget a copy of Hap Wilson's Canoe Routes linked below through Amazon!