Cliff Lake Conservation Reserve

The 'beauty' of Northern Ontario is truly a unique experience.  Temagami has long been known for its old growth forest, scoured glacier rock formations and tranquility beyond belief.  The Cliff Lake Conservation Reserve, located just minutes north from the town of Temagami will provide all this and more!

It is a protected wilderness area having primitive natural and cultural heritage values, and only accessible using Rib Lake.  Situated on the east shore of Rib Lake, many wetland ecosystems are found within this reserve with a wide range of vegetative covers, meadow marshes, shore ferns, and thicket swamps.

This conservation reserve is well suited to outdoor recreation, eco-tourism, nature appreciation, and educational opportunities; provided these activities are properly managed and do not damage the area through over use.  Canoeing, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and snowmobiling are a few of the many activities that await you here on the Cliff Lake Conservation Reserve.

Primary canoe routes include the Rib-Cliff-Fat (Summit), Friday Lake circuit, and the Roosevelt to Rib Lake circuit. In-land lakes such as Cliff and Roosevelt Lakes are utilized for canoeing, small engine boating, and sport fishing.

The canoe portage extending south from Cliff Lake to Fat Lake is a trail used for hiking, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. This three hour round trip walk provides great diversity and opportunities to explore the rock crevice, barren uplands, mixed forests and scenic vistas.  The height at one particular lookout provides a vista of 10-15 km looking west across Cliff Lake and Rib Lake.

Cliff Lake Conservation Reserve contains a diversity of vegetative communities, terrestrial and aquatic resources, and physiographic features that provide an attractive setting for a variety of outdoor pursuits, nature appreciation, and life and earth science studies.

The conservation reserve's overall diversity, physical condition, cultural heritage value, recreational, and commercial usage can be considered a distinctive and significant boon to the Temagami area.

Contributed by
Krystal Tiessen
Bay-Lee-Mac Camp

Visit Bay-Lee-Mac Camp on the shores of Rib Lake to spend your Temagami vacation exploring the Cliff Lake Conservation Reserve.