Temagami Photo Galleries

Scenery Photos*** - A collection of various scenic photos of the Temagami area.

Wildlife Photos*** - A collection of wildlife photos taken in the Temagami area. 

Activity Gallery - A gallery of photos depicting many of the activities that Temagami has to offer.

Submitted Photos - A gallery of photos submitted by businesses in the area of their offerings and guests having fun.

Prints and Posters Gallery - A gallery of photos available as reprints at various sizes.

Archibald Lampman captured and put to words his Temagami vision of beauty, fierce nature, and mystery:
"Far in the grim Northwest beyond the lines
That turn the rivers eastward to the sea,
Set with a thousand islands, crowned with pines
Lies the deep water, wild Temagami:
Wild for the hunter's roving, and the use
Of trappers in its dark and trackless vales,
Wild with the trampling of the giant moose,
And the weird magic of old Indian tales.
All day we saw the thunder-travelled sky
Purpled with storm in many a trailing tress,
And saw at eve the broken sunset die
In crimson on the silent wilderness."
- by Archibald Lampman (1861-1899)