Boating Safety

Boat safety is a big concern for all of us that travel the lake. Boating is a fun sport, but we need to make sure we are safe doing it. Currently in Canada you require a Pleasure Craft Operator Card to operate any motorized boat - one step Canada has taken to try and keep our waters safe. No one wants to see a great vacation be more expensive than it needs to be, so make sure you check with whoever you might be renting a boat from about whether they require you to have your boating card, or if they offer a rental safety checklist that will act as a temporary boating license while you are renting their boat.

No matter where you go this year for vacation, it is our hope you have a safe and pleasant stay, free of unnecessary fines. If you plan to go boating, click the link and take the exam to get your boating license.

Boat Operator Card