Houseboating on Lake Temagami

Another form of adventure and relaxation awaits you with one of the several houseboat rental companies on Lake Temagami.  For couples, families, and larger groups, there's a houseboat that can meet your needs on Lake Temagami.  While some companies cater to quiet family vacations or a romantic time of solitude for couples, other companies can easily accommodate larger groups that are looking for fun out on the lake.  Fishermen will also find a mobile home on the water where they can explore new fishing holes from.

For the family, there are smaller houseboats available that are easy to navigate, and will be an adventurous home for a nature filled vacation.  Kids love to explore the beaches and campsite trails, and there's always a new area to explore just down the shoreline at the next campsite.  Temagami offers a wide range of fish to interest any angler, while kids simply enjoy sitting at a beaver hut catching bass after bass.  None of it can beat a simple game of ball or frisbee in the water at the beach with the entire family.

Couples looking to get away by themselves can find a quiet bay to tuck into and just relax on their own private little houseboat.  The pressures of life melt away while playing board games surrounded by nature.  Take some time to read a book on the deck while the waves lap against the shoreline.  Most of all, take the time needed to bask in the solitude and get closer together to enjoy each other's company without the distractions of home.  With no phone and no visitors popping by unexpectedly, you can just focus on spending time getting to know each other better.

If you're looking for a fun time with the guys, or a party with your friends, there are larger ten person, party-style houseboats available for your vacation needs.  Just pack up your gear and head out on the lake for a good time, enjoying scenery and making new memories with friends on the top deck of a party boat.  Anchor in a bay and do some dancing, or slide off the rear mounted slide if your houseboat is so equipped.  Nothing will refresh you like a dip in the lake on a hot day after sunbathing and soaking in the rays.  Tow a boat behind and do some water skiing for sport.

Fishing from a houseboat couldn't be easier.  Tow your trusty fishing boat behind and find yourself a campsite close to a promising fishing ground.  You will never have to be far from where you're fishing, or travel a long distance back to the cabin to sleep for the night.  You can always move your base camp to a different area of the lake whenever the fish don't cooperate.

For a quiet getaway, family vacation, or a fishing expedition, check out Leisure Island Houseboat Rentals for a fully equipped houseboat that will sleep up to 5 people.