Ice Fishing in the Temagami Area

Ice fishing in Northern Ontario is a must for any avid fisherman.  The younger novice can also be enticed by the unique thrill that ice fishing affords all who participate in this fantastic pastime.

Our area lakes provide various species of cold water fish.  Walleye, pike, lake trout, bass, ling and of course white fish too.  During the winter months, lake trout, walleye, and white fish are the most sought after varieties, with the occasional ling thrown in for good measure.

Ice conditions in Northern Ontario are excellent starting mid to late December through to the 1st of April in most spots.  Four inches of blue ice is sufficient to begin the ultimate winter experience of ice fishing.  Ice machines should not be used unless the ice is 6" or more in depth.  White ice made by frozen slush will require more.  Be mindful that ice can quickly wear away near moving water during periods of high temperatures and take longer to freeze to a safe thickness.  Always use caution the first time out in the new season - its better to be safe then caught wet in a hole.

Ice shelters are sometime used and can be provided by an outfitter or lodging establishment, or you can bring your own.  Pack-in and pack-out practices are encouraged to keep your ice area clean at all times.  Please help us keep our area beautiful.

Hydrographical maps are readily available for most surrounding lakes, show the depth contours of the bodies of water were you plan to fish.  Portable GPS systems are the current rage and will bring you back to all the hot-spots every time!

Come stay with us and experience the ultimate fishing adventure that winter in Northern Ontario can provide..

Article contributed by
Krystal Tiessen
Bay-Lee-Mac Camp
Photos by Loon Lodge

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