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Usually nocturnal, this red fox is out and about in the middle of the day. He is able to hear small animals like mice as they move underground or under the snow. He will track them down and dig for them. When they are above ground he will stalk them like a cat. While we normally think of the fox existing on rabbits and mice, his diet is actually much more varied. He will happily eat berries, fruits and grasses in the summer as well as crickets, beetles, grasshoppers and crayfish. The male red fox faithfully brings prey to his mate while she cares for their young. The female red fox feeds their young regurgitated food at first. As they grow she begins to serve them live prey to play with. This helps them learn the hunting skills they will need to know before they leave home at around seven months.  The red fox prefers to hunt alone. At times he will use some unusual tactics to catch his prey. He has been known to play dead long enough to attract the crows and ravens. He will continue to play the part until they close in to finish him off. He will then jump up and enjoy them for supper instead. Another unusual hunting method includes acting up or playing silly to draw the attention of curious animals. Once they become brave enough to fill the seats at his one man show he repays them by using them to fill his stomach.

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