Enhanced 9-1-1 Emergency Service
Coming to Temagami

The Municipality of Temagami would like to introduce the enhanced 9-1-1 emergency service to all residents including those on lake and mainland properties.  The Municipalities implementation date for the enhanced 9-1-1 service is June 2004.

We currently have emergency services such as ambulance, fire and police.  If you were to call for emergency assistance today the caller would have to relay all information to the dispatcher - name, telephone number, address, location.  With the enhanced 9-1-1 the information will systematically address and map the location of the call from the 569 or 237 telephone extension.  The Call Centre in North Bay will ascertain the name and location of the incoming call on a call display.  This will help emergency services locate the caller and respond in a much faster response time.  The Call Centre could also be used to assist the caller by walking him / her through an emergency situation while the caller waits for emergency assistance.

Temagami is reaching a population of retiring baby boomers and more people from the south are relocating or vacationing in the north.  The municipality covers a vast area including wilderness as well as developed land.  An emergency situation could require emergency services to respond to a call to an isolated location that being either down a secondary road or an island on Lake Temagami .  With the help of civic addressing, the emergency crew will be able to locate the caller quicker by identifying the location using the civic address as seen on the property or along the roadway.

Enhanced 9-1-1 would not only benefit the community but would offer a service to visitors who are accustomed to having this worthwhile service.