Location Statistics

Temagami Bear Island Marten River
Temagami, Ontario Canada
98 kms North (Town Centre) of North Bay 
45 kms South of New Liskeard
Postal Code P0H 2H0
Area Code 705
25 townships make up Temagami
Marten River
30 km South of Temagami
Postal Code P0H 1T0
Area Code 705

Lake Temagami There is approximately 1259 numbered islands in Lake Temagami. The number of cottages on Lake Temagami are estimated between 630-746 with some islands having more than one cottage. The lake holds 9 youth camps, and 12 commercial lodges.

Size : Temagami is approximately 2400 km2 in size.

Language Spoken for Temagami, Marten River, and Bear Island Ontario: English 860 total, French 80, Both English and French 20, Other Languages 40, Aboriginal 25. (Census 1996)

The population declined from 1027 in 1996 to 893 in 2001 - this is a -13% population change.

Door to door populations count is 1021.