Current Value Assessment Average
Average of Home Purchase
Average rental of Home per month

Temagami Town

There are approximately 180 dwellings located in the village of Temagami. About 98% of the village is hooked up to municipal services, but there are still dwellings that use their own private septic service. The South sewage lagoon has a capacity of 232m3/day. The South lagoon is operating at about 194.84m3/day.

Temagami North

Economic conditions in the past several years have created a “house buying” market in Temagami North. Homes have decreased in value over the last five years. The average three-bedroom bungalow with full basement and recreation room sells for approximately $65,000 (1998).  Temagami North is a residential community of single detached and mobile homes, which was established in 1965, 5km’s north of the town. Municipal waste and sewer service the Temagami North Town site. The North sewage lagoon has a capacity of 390m3/day.

Marten River

Marten River is located at the south end of the Municipality of Temagami. The location is along Highways #11 and #64. Marten River houses residential and commercial development.